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Stroke of JaSmine

My name is Jasmine, but I also go by the name Stroke Of Jasmine on the web. I'm an artist of many talents. I taught myself how to draw at a young age, and by learning from my mother. I have been drawing for many years traditionally and digitally. My inspiration comes from everything around me, and the weird subjects that pop into my head. My interests are video games, animals, comics, animation, jewelry making and many more.Behance portfolio


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All brushes are for photoshop, procreate, and Krita! In order to use these, make sure you have one of the previous programs, a stylus, and a computer or tablet that can run said program's. - Gumroad - Etsy


Attack of the Jam Filled Baby
This was a game jam project for Build your own game jam in 2021. I used RPG Maker MV Engine to create this short game from start to finish.
Platform: PC
Genre: Horror, puzzle
Engine: RPG Maker MV
Role(s) and responsibilities:
2D Artist
Composer and sound effects

I stream video games and art on Twitch, and with YouTube is just art stuff. I have emotes and have fun experimenting with the streaming experience. Like, subscribe and follow me on Twitch and or YouTube.

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